Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Admission to the PhD Programme includes an assessment of the applicant's CV and an interview.
The applicant’s course of studies, the quality of his/her master’s degree thesis, his/her publications, and his/her professional or research experiences will be taken into consideration.

The purpose of the interview is to verify the candidate’s knowledge about social work, sociology, and social policy. An orientation interview will also be held to understand the candidate’s interests and goals, followed by an English test consisting in the translation of a short text taken from specialist literature.
A reference (it’s not binding) reading list will be provided, to help applicants prepare for the examination.

The fundamental conceptual categories on which to prepare the interview are, indicatively, the following:

  • social action, agency, capabilities
  • social capital
  • care management
  • community work
  • experiential knowledge
  • deviance and social control
  • human rights and e social justice
  • conflict mediation
  • marginalization and social inclusion
  • ethics of care
  • group work and self-help/mutual-aid groups
  • globalization and social policies
  • poverty
  • social relation and helping relation
  • coping network
  • social work assessment
  • solidarity and social cohesion
  • stigma
  • disadvantage
  • voluntary sector
  • welfare state, welfare mix, welfare society